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    Children's Swimming Lessons

    A complete range of kids swimming classes from foundation level to advanced swimmer.

    Suitable for children aged 3yrs 9mths+
    Childrens Swimming Classes run Monday-Friday 3.30pm-7pm and Saturday 8.30am-7pm

    Swimming lesson prices, per person:
    1 to 1 Tuition - £25 per lesson
    2 to 1 Tuition - £18.35 per lesson
    4 to 1 Tuition - £9.00 per lesson

    Pre-School Swimming Classes

    Once your toddler is ready to swim without you, we have fantastic preschool classes available. These classes are designed to get your child safe in the water whilst enjoying themselves.Our aim is to build up confidence and ability in your 3 and 4 year olds, getting them ready for our afterschool foundation classes.

    Foundation Swim Class

    This is the starting point of any good swimmer and is where the basic skills are taught.Your child will quickly grow in confidence as they learn to float, glide and enjoy there face being in the water, learning all about buoyancy and breath control, with their swimming teacher right by their side, praising every tiny step they take along the road to swimming perfectly!

    Level 1 - Swimming Lessons

    Having mastered the basic skills aided by their teacher, your water confident child will now begin to float unaided and will start to explore movement in the water via rocket glides and the basic flutter kick.

    Level 2 - Swimming Lessons

    This is when backstroke is mastered and front crawl is introduced, we teach the rollover breathing method at this stage and your child is now well on their way to swimming beautiful, stroke-perfect, back and front crawl!

    Level 3 - Swimming Lessons

    Working mainly in the deep end, we start perfecting your child's front crawl technique. Surface dives and somersaults are a fun part of the lesson in preparation for tumble turns later on. Your child's stamina will also start to improve.

    Level 4 - Swimming Lessons

    Still practicing front and back crawl, breaststroke is now introduced, this is the hardest of all the 4 strokes and will be broken down into easy parts to help your child grasp how it all works, diving and tumble turns can now be worked on, ready to progress later on.

    Level 5 - Swimming Lessons

    Now that front crawl and back crawl are performed to a high standard, breaststroke is next to be perfected. Working on timing and rhythm is important at this stage. Butterfly is also introduced now in its most basic form.

    Level 6 - Swimming Lessons

    Now that breaststroke is performed with great technique we will be concentrating on butterfly, by level 6 your child is well on the way to performing the medley of strokes, all to a high standard! After working so hard they will have built up a collection of certificates and badges to be proud of!

    Price per class - £9

    Please contact us prior to booking to check availability - To book a lesson we require full payment in advance:


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