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    Terms and Conditions

    Our promise to you

    We aim to provide fun, informative lessons to all our pupils in a safe and friendly environment.

    Enrollment and Payment

    1. £11.00 is due to pay for your first class; this must be paid within 24 hours of booking to confirm your space. We can not hold spaces with out payment.
    2. After your first class, please call us to confirm you wish to continue, we will not hold spaces with out your confirmation. A standing order needs to be in place before the following lesson and an information sheet needs to be filled out.
    3. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If classes are full you have the option to be placed on a Waiting List and you will be contacted as soon as we have a vacancy.
    4. All Parents/Guardians must sign on the enrollment form that they agree and adhere to these Terms and Conditions.

    Cancellation Policy

    1. Cancellations received will not be refunded.
    2. No refunds can be given for cancellations once a course has started unless the space can be filled.
    3. We shall only consider refunds on medical grounds if put in writing to us together with supporting medical evidence. i.e. long term condition that physically prevents attendance e.g. grommits, Breaks, operations. You will be given the option to reserve your space by continuing to pay half the course fee or you can be placed on a waiting list.
    4. If we have to cancel lessons for reasons beyond our control, i.e. plant failure, the lesson fee will be credited or a different lesson will be offered to you.
    5. If you or your child is ill, please give as much notice as possible and Fareham Swim School will try to offer you a catch up lesson if we have a space available, however this is NOT guaranteed.

    Conduct, Safety and Hygiene


    1. Please attend promptly for lesson.
    2. Do not enter the pool unless told to do so by your instructor. (This also applies to those swimmers arriving late.)
    3. Do not eat a large meal at least 1.5 hours before your lesson, light snack only.
    4. Please shower and use the toilets before coming to poolside.
    5. Please do not take large parties onto poolside to watch lessons unless pre-organised with a manager.
    6. Recommended swimwear, trunks for boys and 1 piece costumes for girls.
    7. If you use an inhaler you may hand it to your instructor on poolside.
    8. Food and Drink are not to be consumed on poolside, spectator areas or changing rooms. Swimmers can bring water onto poolside in a small plastic container only. No glass or ceramic containers will be allowed.

    Safety and Code of Conduct

    1. In the event of an emergency your swimming teacher will advise you what to do.
    2. If it is necessary to vacate the pool, STAND on poolside quietly and await further instruction from an a Fareham Swim School Member of staff.
    3. We do not run from a commercial pool, please adhere to all rules, surfaces will be slippery and steps will be unmarked. It is your responsibility to look after yourself and your guests on site as not all hazards will be labelled or signed.


    1. For the safety of themselves and others, siblings under 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times during lessons.
    2. Your child should not attend lessons until at least 1 week after the cessation of a bout of sickness or diarrhea.
    3. Any medical conditions must be disclosed on the relevant form for the swim teacher to see.
    4. Fareham Swim School cannot be held responsible for any loss of valuables or damage to property left unattended in changing areas.
    5. All reasonable measures will be put in place to aid your safety whilst at our venues but please note parents and carers are responsible for themselves, their family's and swimmers whilst on site.
    6. We accept no responsibility for any accidents or losses in the car parks of our venues.


    1. Fareham Swim School instructors are all qualified and hold the relevant ASA/STA certificates.
    2. Some physical contact is sometimes unavoidable during instruction but all our instructors have DBS clearance and adhere to the ASA Child Protection Procedures.
    3. If an instructor is absent due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, Fareham Swim School will endeavor to provide a cover teacher but do have the right to cancel lessons, parents will not be charged for the canceled session or an alternative lesson will be offered.


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